Credit: Feisty new bartender. (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for May 13 – 16:

Matthew took the brat level to a new high, which had me wanting to jump through my screen and give the kid a big wake-up call. The rest of the week was consumed with Todd/Victor drama with a little bit of this and that thrown in for good measure. Let’s break it down…

The spoiled, rich brat.
Jeffrey hit the nail on the head when he called Matthew out for being a spoiled, rich brat after his outburst with Destiny over Drew. The baby has been around for months yet Matthew is still throwing it in Destiny’s face about going back on her word and not having an abortion. Totally uncalled for! He has the right to not want to be in Drew’s life, but Matthew needs to make those feelings clear to all, once and for all, and cool it with the childish outbursts. Drew is a human being, his own flesh and blood. I’m all about women’s rights, but the abortion comment was obnoxious and a bit much at this stage of the game. It’s a good thing Drew’s not old enough to have understood what Matthew said. A perfect world would have Matthew and Destiny happily raising Drew, but this is Daytime. Matthew and Dani as a couple, or friends with benefits, and Destiny and Jeffrey as a mature couple would be more logical.

Booze and Red Bull cocktail.
Sure, it may be one of the most popular ways to get your drink on at the local bars these days, but mixing alcohol and caffeine shouldn’t be made to look cool to younger viewers. It’s already been banned to minors in some states, and though Matthew, Dani and Jeffrey are of age, this would be better displayed as a PSA than a fun time.