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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (January 12 – 16)

The weeks keep ticking by and the drama doesn’t seem to be stopping! Thanks for stopping by to share another rant session with me about the past week’s storylines – or lack there of! Remember, I want to hear what you think as well, so please don’t forget to drop me a comment or two about your take on things – whether you agree or disagree with me, it’s all good!

Marty crashes at a stranger’s pad then pushes her son to drugs…

“I’ve tried so hard to connect to you. I feel like a fraud. It’s just not working,” Marty told Cole… While I realize that Marty has been through a lot – to say the least – I think, as a mother, her actions toward Cole are absolutely appalling. Marty could lash out at everyone but Cole, no one would care! They’d all think of what she’s gone through and totally understand. But her son, whether she remembers him or not… Bottom line, he’s been through so much loss, is hurting beyond belief and what does Marty do, she pushes him away. Guess Marty lost more than her memory and better look up the first rule of being a parent before her actions are the cause of something a lot bigger than Todd brainwashing her! It’s just downright sad. While Starr is finding some comfort in her connection to Schuyler, who I think is a huge asset to the show, Cole is again alone – and turning to drugs and rage, which are holding him in the painful past.

Cristian seals the Colombian deal!

Grrr… Did you hear me screaming, “No, Cris, don’t do it!”? Well, I was… By now you know I am not a fan of this coupling at all, and the image of them mauling each other has led me on a journey to find something, anything, to replace it! This is where my video of the week comes in. I’ve dug up another ‘first’ roll in the hay session with hopes of deterring my mind from this week’s latest one. Although this couple is no longer together, I think we can all agree that Antonio (brother Vega) and Jessica’s first time was hot! Sit back while we revisit the quarry, a place where Jessica had another ‘first’ – with Nash, while married to Antonio! Oh, don’t you just love the world of soaps?

I have to say one more thing on this storyline… With Tea on Ray’s side, Vanessa doesn’t have a prayer! Enjoy all that hot Vega nookie while you can, Vanessa!

Todd passes St. James and heads straight to the cemetery for a confessional!

“I want to say I’m sorry. The reason you’re not here with us, the reason you died, is because I killed you,” Todd confessed at Hope’s grave – with Starr listening… I can see it now, Todd is heading down the road to redemption, not only to those who love him, but to some of the viewers as well. Isn’t it fascinating how one month everyone hates Todd for what he did to Marty, and in the next Marty is now the victim of viewer’s barbs? I guess it’s better than being coerced off The Palace roof!

Janet goes to her ex-madam for help!

“I need you to hide me,” Janet cried to Renee… Oh, Renee, what are you thinking hiding Janet away from the law. Call me a stickler for show props, but I was so excited when Renee offered Janet the mansion’s guesthouse, as it’s been so long since we’ve visited that part of the set – since August of 2005 when Asa hid Margaret Cochran there! Now, let’s just hope they show it to us again! I was beginning to think it burned down or something…