Credit: Say no to drugs. (TOLN/Hulu)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for April 29 – May 2:

Welcome back Llanview fans! It’s been over a year since we last came together and said goodbye to a soap we believed was gone forever. I’ve missed the fans and am ecstatic to be able to watch, recap and blog about “One Life To Live” again. Prospect Park and all of those involved in the reboot deserve huge props. They pulled off the unthinkable and delivered fresh yet familiar sets and an amazing first week back…

Run for Shelter.
Rodi’s (and Roxy) will be missed, but Llanview’s new nightclub is sure to be the backdrop of many hot, steamy, good times to come. The younger crowd – and Liam – has been aged, which was a good move. After all, what fun would Shelter be with half the cast trying to sneak in and out each week underage? It’ll be a few years before Liam tries to pull that off, but hopefully we’ll get to see some emotional tugs over the fact that his father is no longer in Llanview. We already watched Natalie heat up the dance floor with Cutter, but does that mean she’s over John?

Natalie without John.
Yes, we got our soap back, but it’s tough to face the fact that John won’t be a part of it – not unless they recast McBain. Natalie and John always had a rough time of things. They were great when they were good but toxic when they weren’t.

Victor resurfaces.
If we can’t have Michael Easton… Trevor St. John bringing Victor back to Llanview was the icing on the reboot cake. The mystery surrounding Todd, Victor and the strange symbol (tattoo) has yet to unfold. Could it be that Victor was held and brainwashed in the same facility where Irene, their mother, brainwashed Todd? Nice twist! Given that Roger Howarth will be going back and forth from Llanview to a new role in Port Charles let’s hope Victor sticks around. So many people need him, especially Tea. He’s always been strong and to see him flinch at certain sounds proves even the strongest leaves captivity with a few ghosts haunting them. Speaking of which, how exactly did he outsmart Allison? And is she still alive and able to come back and wreak havoc again? Could she be the one behind the hidden camera at Tea’s – and working for Todd?