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Actor updates from April 3 – 9:

Soaps.com has the latest details surrounding what’s going on in the careers of the current and former “One Life To Live” actors. This week includes a way for fans to get up close with the hotties of Llanview, a new reboot promo video, an engagement, Josh Kelly gives JWoww acting tips, an interview with a former Llanview actress, Soaps.com tours the Llanview studio and more…

Soaps.com visits One Life To Live studio:
Soaps.com was on hand at the “One Life To Live” studios on April 8 to chat with the actors about the upcoming reboot. In regards to how the online version will compare to its previous run on ABC Robert S. Woods (Bo Buchanan) stated, “It’s not Playboy TV or anything. It’s still tasteful. It’s not for shock value. It’s current. At my age, it’s exciting to watch this transition and be on the inside of it. I think it’s going to be a good time.” Hear from more actors through Soaps.com’s One Life To Live Set Visit.

Janet Zarish in Love Therapy:
Interview! Janet Zarish, who played Lee Halpern Sanders (1987 to 1988) and Janet Ketring (2009), is appearing in Wendy Beckett’s Off-Broadway play “Love Therapy,” which follows a waitress whose path intertwines with a young therapist struggling with her moral code. We caught up with the former Daytime actress, who is also the head of Acting at NYU’s Graduate Acting Program, about her new role. “I had worked on a play three years ago with the director, Evan Bergman, and he asked me to come in and audition,” Zarish explained. “I’m playing two roles and I don’t think they could be more polar opposites. Carol is head supervisor at a psychology clinic. It is her job to supervise the young psychologists in training and she is strictly by the books. She is, though, warming to our leads’ ‘unconventional’ methods of therapy which, of course, plunges us right into the drama of the play. The other character is a patient at the clinic, Mary, who, well, I won’t give it away. Let’s just say she has a troubled past and has just lost both her daughter and her husband in an accident. She is suffering great emotional trauma and is a ‘complicated’ case to figure out.”

While reflecting on her “One Life To Live” roles the actress shared some of her favorite Llanview moments. “Working with Jim DePaiva as Max, shooting the episode where I got drunk and got married in Las Vegas. But my favorite part of being on the soap was the surprise of opening the scripts each week and seeing what I was going to have to do. The adventures were endless. It was a wild and exciting ride. And certainly one of my favorite moments had to be when I received a call 10 years after I was shot to death by my daughter by mistake, asking me if I wanted to come back on the show as nurse Janet Ketring. I was on ‘One Life’ again for a year and was then killed once again. Only in the soaps!”

Fans are excited for the “One Life To Live” reboot on April 29. When asked what Zarish thought about the historic event she stated, “We are in an ever-changing technological world and I applaud the creativity in taking the leap and putting it online. It’s a crime reality shows are replacing the day to day storytelling the soaps have to offer. Who needs reality when you have the soaps?! Any way they can stay on the air and keep giving the pleasure they do to people, I’m all for.”

“Love Therapy” will open at the DR2 Theatre at 101 East 15th Street in New York City, New York on Monday April 29 with previews beginning on Saturday April 20 at 8:00 PM. Call 1-212-239-6200 or visit Telecharge for tickets to see the former Llanview actress on stage.

Nick Choksi engaged:
Nick Choksi, who’s set to return as Vimal Patel, announced his engagement to Stephanie Thompson last week. Soaps.com congratulates the happy couple!