Credit: Scott Clifton crosses over from GH to OLTL!

Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (January 5 – 9)

Happy Friday, everyone! Boy, it’s nice to finally have a full week of episodes, and while the holidays are always nice I’m just glad to get back on schedule again! This week has taken us to some of the highest heights (The Palace roof) and brought us down to some of the lowest lows (the depths of the Llantano River), so let’s put our debating hats on and tear apart Llanview together!

Bess takes control, and Viki steals her glasses!

“You’re badgering Jessica, and I will not allow it,” Bess told Viki… Before I get into my rant about this storyline, I just want to say thank you to Viki for taking away those glasses! I never knew where they came from, but they always seemed handy every time Bess wanted to resurface! Now that Viki has met the great gatekeeper, she realizes that there’s a deeper, darker secret that Jessica is hiding from, and I’m hoping Viki will have a big part in helping Jessica find out about her baby – and be able to give Starr back the child she and Cole have been mourning. Then there’s Brody, Jessica’s sounding board… He’ll have a secret of his own to deal with, so, again, I think these two will make a great pair, one that will help the other heal and live a normal life again.

Todd favors a nosedive off the Palace roof over a cannon ball!

“He’s gone,” Marty told John then confessed, “When I told him I hated him, he jumped off the roof…” I personally hope that by Todd taking the last leap, if you will, to make Marty happy, that some will look at him a little bit differently now – without excusing what he’s done in the past, of course. Like David said, one must face death before they can truly be born… And Marty, I’m not liking the way her character is going, but I do believe she must take this route to be able to claim a permanent place in Llanview’s future.

Speaking of people falling from high places, I thought it was only appropriate that we take a look back on another major fall from 1997, which involved Todd, Tea and Blair! Watching the video below, you’ll see that devious side of Tea, that ‘take no bull’ attitude from Blair and the amusement in Todd that has passed on from Roger Howarth to Trevor St. John through the recast back in 2003! Be sure to take notice of the opening credits from back then, too, as you’ll see some past favorites mixed with the current ones!

Marty The Party Girl Saybrooke!

“Need a ride somewhere,” Wes asked Marty before she hopped on his motorcycle… Oh, dear, now this is the Marty I remember. Though I’m not a fan of regressing through time, I think this is just what the character needs in order for her to heal – and for us to warm up to her again. The revenge-plotting Marty just isn’t my cup of tea. Not only will those who didn’t watch the show get a peek into how Marty used to be, her actions will bring us into a whole other storyline involving her son… Bravo to Wes for being a good guy through all of this! He could have very well taken advantage of Marty, but he didn’t.