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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (December 29 – January 2)

With the holidays winding down, it’s been another short week in Llanview, as the show was pre-empted on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, but, as always, there were a few eventful scenes this past week! Thanks for stopping by to rehash them with me so on with the show!

St. Blazes: Under new ownership!

“What’re you, the new towel girl?” Dorian asked, to which Alex replied, “Funny, I own the place…” Oh, boy, Alex and Dorian on a tropical resort with a secret about David that could affect a ton of people, things are going to be interesting in the coming weeks!

David makes the cold trek back to Llanview and lets some skeletons out of Dorian’s closet!

“I gave up everything I had, and now I have everything I want,” David told Viki and Charlie after giving them the goods on Dorian… Though David may feel like a newly cleansed man, I have a hard time believing that it’ll last! After all, what fun would David Vickers be if he wasn’t getting into one scheme or another. When he finds out he’s inherited all of the Buchanan money, he’ll either make good of it (can you say, “Boring?”) or he’ll switch back into David mode and live the high life – with Nigel at his beck and call (Can you say, “Classic David style?”) Since Tuc Watkins plans to be back in town for about two months, things should be eventful!

Since David has been involved in so much deception in Llanview throughout the years, I’ve dug up a video clip from 1994 where David was pretending to be Viki’s brother – and where Dorian called him on it and warned David not to cross her!

Asa returns and redistributes his empire!

“You knew the stakes… stocks up, you’re rich, stocks down, you’re broke. You blew it,” Asa addressed his loved ones before kicking them all to the curb… All of them except his long lost son, David Vickers! Boy, I’ve missed Asa, and it was nice to see him come back from the grave and take control of his kids’ lives yet again! I have a feeling the Buchanan’s will be scrambling to hold on to their legacy, and I can’t wait for David to finally find out the truth – that he’s a Buchanan. However, given that Bo (while Asa) never slept with Emma (Gigi) during the 1968 storyline, I wonder if somehow David will end up not being a Buchanan after all. The whole plot of the storyline, including Dorian and Alex’s part in it, will be full of surprises, I’m sure!