Last Tuesday December 23, brought you news that longtime Llanview youngster Matthew Buchanan (Eddie Alderson) would be involved in some major upcoming storylines, which will include a crush and a new rival!

Child star Jack Rovello has just been cast to play Justin, a fellow student at Llanview High, as well as someone who’s about to be a thorn in Matthew’s side! Fans can look for Jack to first air on January 23.

One Life to Live will mark Jack’s second Daytime role, followed by his 2003 stint on All My Children as Georgie. His other acting credits include “The Girl In The Park” (Chris), “Lonesome Jim” (Ben), “The Hours” (Richie Brown) and “Sex In The City” (Hank). wants to welcome Jack to the show! It’ll be neat to watch how you plan to shakeup Llanview High!