Here we are, another year about to end, and everyone’s in the holiday spirit trying to wrap up those last minute gifts in preparation for the upcoming holidays! Well, I think I finally finished all the details for my holiday plans, but before I head out to celebrate I wanted to take a moment to recognize some very special people!

To all of the readers… Your daily posts in our message boards, and under my One Life to Live Updates, are always so full of passion and truly show the love you have for the show – just like I do. You are all appreciated very much!

To all of the Moderators who take time out of their schedules to make sure our boards are a fun place to be, I salute you!

To all of the actors, publicists and networks that I have connected with throughout the past couple of years, the work you do to bring us a daily dose of drama is to be commended!

To our Editor-In-Chief, Christine Fix, and all of my fellow writers… You’re a great team to work with daily, and I couldn’t imagine a job better than the one I have at with you!

From me to you all, here’s wishing you and yours a very safe and happy holiday season! May you get everything your hearts desire… I look forward to spending 2009 with each and every one of you!

Best Wishes Always,
– Amy Mistretta