Credit: Allison Perkins' wasted return! (ABC)

Though we can’t deny that One Life to Live brought us some awesome storylines in 2008, there were a few bad ones thrown in there along the way!

I know we all have our favorites, and our least favorites, so please take a moment to vote in my Best and Worst storyline polls of 2008! If I missed any in either category, I still want to hear your picks and encourage you to leave a comment below telling us exactly how you feel about those in question!

Without further ado, here are my One Life to Live picks for 2008’s Best Storylines

So, what storyline did I pick as the best for 2008? Although it made me the angriest, and I still haven’t gotten over the loss, I have to go with the ending of Jessica and Nash’s love story – and Nash’s death. He helped save Jessica, and I just wish the show would have let her save him… If the show had to kill Nash off, they did a spectacular job. The emotion put into the scenes by both Forbes March (Nash) and Bree Williamson (Jessica) was amazing and had me crying all over my keyboard! In fact, I still get emotional when replaying the Video Clip! Also, there were many little storylines to stem off as a result of Nash’s death, which turned out to be big in themselves, so again, this is my pick for Best Storyline of 2008!

With the best, come the worst, so here’s my picks for some of the Worst Storylines of 2008