Oh, boy, things in Llanview are about to really get sticky! With Vanessa Montez (Jacqueline Hendy) and Cris Vega (David Fumero) getting ready to break the law and say their nuptials, our resident bad boy, Ray Montez (A Martinez) is about to resurface!

Come Tuesday December 23, we’ll see Ray again and you’ll never guess who he’ll be talking to on the phone! Since we don’t want to ruin this storyline for anyone, for those who don’t want to wait to see where Ray will play into all of this mess, or who else is involved up to their ears, please visit our Spoilers page!

Though we still aren’t sure how long A’s return will last, we can promise that he’ll play a big part in the current Vanessa/Cris storyline!

Soaps.com can’t wait to see how it all plays out! Without posting any spoilers below, please feel free to let us know what you ‘think’ will happen – and who will come out on top!