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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (December 15 – 19)

I’m glad you could all stop by for another week of my ramblings! It’s getting closer and closer to the holiday, and it appears we’re not the only ones getting ready for Christmas! Sit back while I take you through my thoughts on Llanview’s happenings this past week, and don’t forget to leave me yours below as well!

Cris jumps ship in order to keep Vanessa and Lola in the U.S. – and causes a mess at his mother’s diner!

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that,” Cristian initially replied to Vanessa’s marriage proposal… Darn it, Cris, if you would have just stuck to your guns! I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in Cris’s character. I know he has a very big heart, and that’s a great quality, but after Vanessa laid the ever-so-obvious guilt trip on him, he just couldn’t resist being her knight in shining armor. Not only is he going to lose Sarah through this whole mess, I still think there’s a lot more to Miss Vanessa Montez than anyone, besides Ray, realizes! Cris, if you don’t watch out, you may land back in a Colombian prison or get stuck in Vanessa’s web for good! And what about Tea’s mysterious phone call… could it have something to do with Ray? Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself and grasping at straws – hoping there’s some other reason why Tea, an officer of the law, has been so willing to help Cris and Vanessa commit a crime.

Rex is broke and confides in Santa!

“I’m getting our kid a Z-Box for Christmas,” Rex promised Gigi… I have to admit, I was beginning to wonder if or when Rex was going to go back to work – or if Ultra Violet even still existed! However, it’s been well over a month since Rex woke up from his coma, so I’d think he’d have a little clue in regards to his financial troubles, don’t you? In any case, I loved the scenes with Rex sitting on Santa Bo’s lap and thought it was really big of him to turn down Bo’s loan offer. Now with Dorian in the mix, it’ll be fun to see what lengths Rex will go to to get Shane that Z-Box because he clearly has never cared about his values when it comes to his evil ex-stepmother-in-law!

Let’s take a look back at the old Rex from 2002 – and the scams he used to pull for money. Remember when he was pretending to be Jessica’s (previously played by Erin Torpey) brother? Get a refresher on!

Jared enlists the opinion of an infant in regards to Natalie’s Christmas bling!

“So, what do you think?” Jared asked Chloe after showing the little one the engagement ring… After pretending to be relatives, living weeks inside a secret room with a bomb attached and finally getting the acceptance of the Buchanan’s, Jared’s plan to propose to Natalie is not a surprise to me, but a welcomed storyline! I will admit, John has always been my choice for Natalie, but after Jared came along I couldn’t imagine anyone better for the fiery redhead, who Jared has appropriately nicknamed Sparky!