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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (December 8 – 12)

It’s getting colder and colder, and more hectic with the holidays around the corner, and the drama in Llanview is just as booming! Thank you for making my thoughts one of your Friday stops before heading out for the weekend! Let’s get to it and see what my take on Llanview was this week!

Brody and Jessica bond at St. Ann’s!

“She said if I helped her she’d make it worth my while – and she might have said something about my… body,” Brody told Jessica about his experience with Tess… I absolutely love these two together! Not only do they have so much immediate chemistry, they understand each other’s demons – the making of the next super couple if you ask me! Even though Bess made the baby switch, I’m going to feel so bad for Jessica when she realizes the truth – and the fact that she never got to say goodbye to her baby… very sad. On another note, it’s nice to watch the Balsom/Morasco family bond as well – comically over those ever-so popular photo Christmas cards!

Bree: The next casualty of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome!

And I like it! What a cutie this new little Bree is, played by Stephanie Schmahl, whose mom told me that this was her very first audition – and role! I think the show’s decision to recast was a good one, given the addition of the new baby and all, even if the baby really isn’t a Brennan!

Marty is consumed with revenge – And Office Max could’ve made a fortune on her printing project!

“I finally got what I need, so I can do what I have to do,” Marty made a personal vow to herself… Okay, we all get that Marty is the perfect example of a woman scorned. However, along with the need for revenge, Marty is showing us that she’s also fighting a more in-depth emotion – love! No matter what the circumstances are, I have to say, I’m betting that Todd and Marty will overcome even the wildest of odds and come together! It was nice to see Andrew again, and who better to give Marty a glimpse into her past than the man she tried to scorn herself so many years ago – who later became her good friend!

In light of Marty hearing more about her past from Andrew, I thought it was only appropriate to show a video of Marty back in the day. Sit back while we open the soap vault and revisit another time when Todd (previously played by Roger Howarth) tried to help Marty… Has there always been a hidden love/hate relationship between these two? You be the judge!

Tea returns for some probono work!

“From what I’m reading your face is the only thing that has changed,” Tea said to Todd… Welcome back Tea! This is a character that although I always thought she should have had more of a backbone when it came to Todd, I really enjoyed in the day! However, watching her returning scenes made me feel as though we had gone back through time… Her defending Todd, the Vegas being upset about it, and so on and so forth…

My funniest quote of the week has to go to Todd! When Tea asked about his marriage to Blair, Todd replied, “She got the Delgado deal… five million dollars!”