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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (December 1 – 5)

Hi everyone, and welcome back for another fun week in Llanview! It’s been a great week for returns, new construction, and a few surprises too! Let’s not wait a moment longer and see what I thought of Llanview this week!

Starr confronts Todd who takes a lashing from Viki!

“I thought if I could have this baby and raise it like a Manning, with the kind of love I have for you, Jack and Sam, then maybe someday, when you’re older, I could tell you what I did and give her back to you – maybe someday you’d forgive me,” Todd pleaded with Starr… Oh, boy, where do I even begin with this one? We all know that Todd had no intentions of giving the baby back to Starr when she was older, but in Todd’s defense, he may very well believe that he would have done that after realizing what he was going to do was wrong. Poor Starr… No matter how upset she was with her father, I could still see the love for him in her eyes and her want to forgive. However, the writers have their hands full because I don’t know how they are going to bring this family, as a whole, back together. Is this where Téa Delgado’s return will come in? Stay tuned!

Nora takes a trip down memory lane – and so should we!

In light of Nora sharing her past ‘violation’ with Marty this week, I thought it was only appropriate that I include a video of how things went down after Daniel Colson was arrested – and how Nora confronted him! Enjoy this old blast from the past video clip, and let it leave you with this thought… “Is Daniel the makings for the next serial killer to return to Llanview?” He could be – if he ever gets out of Statesville!

Thanksgiving brings all together at the Buenos Dias Café!

“We’re not in Texas, and this is not the Bonjour. This is the Buenos Dias, and I built it for you,” Charlie professed to Viki… Monday’s episode couldn’t have been any sweeter. One of the main reasons I was so upset to see the Texas storyline end was because I absolutely loved the scenes at the Bonjour Café, and now we have a complete replica in Angels Square – along with Moe and Noelle too! No matter what troubles occurred in Llanview on Thanksgiving Day, everyone came together as one and celebrated the holiday in peace – and it was just an all around pleasant episode!