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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (November 24 – 28)

Glad you could all take time out of your holiday to stop by for another week of my thoughts! It’s Black Friday, and I’m about to venture out into the madness, and deal with a soon-to-be irritated husband who had the bright idea to experience his first Black Friday, which I warned him about, but before I do let’s get on with what jumped out at me during this short week in Llanview!

Nora puts the smack down on Vanessa!

“I can’t go back, Cristian,” Vanessa cried in Cris’s arms… I couldn’t be happier that Nora’s office plans to ship Vanessa back to Colombia, but I’m not going to get my hopes up yet. And poor Sarah… I know the show is getting rid of her, but here again… They hyped Cris and Sarah’s relationship up so fast only to bring it to this? I’ll miss Justis Bolding and wish her the best, and I’m definitely not ready for another ‘get married to become a citizen’ storyline – if that’s what the show’s planning for Cris and Vanessa.

Tina gives Sarah a little ‘Cristian Vega’ as a parting gift?

“If you see anything good in me, it’s because of you,” Tina confessed to Sarah before leaving… While I really got a kick out of Tina’s dog being named David Vickers, the thought of Sarah’s new bundle of joy being called ‘Cristian Vega’ is a bit too much! And besides, Cristian, the man, looks way better without a shirt on! I was disappointed from the start with the storyline that Andrea Evans was given, and will miss her very much, but I found some comfort in her last scenes where she proclaimed, “Goodbye Llanview, I’m going to miss you… But, you have not seen the last of Tina Lord Roberts… That, I promise you!” Does this mean the revolving door has been kept open to Llanview – you bet!

The funniest quote of the week has to go to Tina. Though Sarah wanted an explanation as to why she was leaving town so suddenly, Tina’s attempt to deter Sarah’s wonderment by grabbing that Thanksgiving pie and saying, “Can I take this with me? I like pie,” definitely granted her this spot!

Tales From The Crypt!

“I am wiping you from my memory! You are no more! Why did you choose me, you evil bastard!” Viki screamed in Victor Lord’s crypt… I think we needed to see Viki break down in Victor’s mausoleum, and I couldn’t have been happier that Charlie found her and removed her from the self-destruction. Personally, although a bit morbid, Viki needs to have Victor’s body removed from there – and his memory once and for all!

A Little Bon Jour In Angels Square!

What a neat idea the show had in remodeling Carlotta’s diner to resemble the homey Bon Jour Café from Texas!