Back on June 30, we brought you news that One Life to Live writer Chris Van Etten, along with co-authors David Ozanich and David Levithan, had just released their first book, Likely Story!, in their new young adult series and now the guys have just released book two!

“All That Glitters” is available now and carries on with the character of Mallory, from book one, who is on a journey creating and head writing her own teenage drama. Teenagers of all ages will be able to relate on some levels as Mallory goes through many trials and tribulations of what it takes to make those around her happy, while trying to stay sane herself! If you’d like to purchase the book, stop by your local bookstore today! If they don’t have it stocked, you can give the clerk the ISBN-10: 0375846786 and ISBN-13: 978-0375846786 numbers to have it ordered in. can’t wait to see what the guys have up their sleeves for the next novel! We wish you all much success!