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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (October 20 – 24)

October is winding down, and the weather is getting colder, but it appears the drama in Llanview hasn’t receded on One Life to Live a single bit! Sit back while I touch base on some of the front burner storylines going on in Llanview at the moment and don’t forget to leave me your thoughts as well!

Gigi turns in her Rodi’s apron for a nurse’s uniform!

Marcie said, “Meet Rex’s new nurse,” to which Roxy replied, “I don’t think you could get into a first aid kit dressed like that…” Without breaking the laws of doctor/patient confidentiality, bravo Michael! He not only stayed within the legal limits, but he set Gigi on the right path to find her man. And Roxy, well, we can always count on her for a comical comeback!

Rex awakens to the woman he loves…

“I love you, Rex, I will always love you. I just got you back. Don’t leave me now,” Gigi cried, to which Rex opened his eyes and replied, “Morasco, you’re the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen…” I about cried when Rex finally opened his eyes at the sound of Gigi’s voice and found myself yelling, “It’s about time!” No matter what we thought about Adriana’s underhandedness, you have to give the girl props for realizing, and admitting, that she and Rex no longer have a future.

Brody comes back to the real world…

“I didn’t know it was Rex on that mountain,” Brody told Wes… When Brody shot Rex I was wondering if that would be the end of this character. Now that Brody has realized what he’s done, and why he did it, I’m praying that the writers let him stay on canvas and give him a storyline outside of the Rex/Gigi realm. I hope they let us witness Brody’s recovery because the actor, Mark Lawson, is the best newcomer to hit Daytime that I’ve seen in a quite a while! On another note, it was nice that the writers incorporated Matthew’s past dealings with Bo and Sam into Shane’s storyline, as an attempt to help Shane through his own confusion.

Vanessa shoots Ray and Dorian proclaims her a hero!

Langston tried to reassure her new cousin that Ray would be fine, but Lola snapped, “I hope not. He can rot in hell for all I care. Vanessa shot him to keep him from hurting me. He’s a murderer! I was there the night he killed my mother…” For a woman who is in a different country, and at an airport no less, I was really surprised that she aimed at Ray and pulled the trigger in such hast! I’m buying the idea that Vanessa would protect Lola from Ray, but I’m still on the fence on this storyline. Lola told us that she ‘heard’ her mother get murdered, but since she didn’t actually see her father do it could it be someone else did? Maybe Vanessa herself? It’ll be interesting to see what this mysterious woman is really all about, or if she’s in fact hiding a deeper secret!

Tina put the T in TNT! How to blow up a safe safely…

“How am I going to do this without blowing myself up?” Tina asked herself… I get that the crowned jewels are valuable and all, and found it funny to see that the combination had been changed on the Llanfair safe, but to bring in the big guns – in this case in the form of explosives – was just… off the wall? Maybe… something Tina would do? Totally! However, seeing that Tina only paid five dollars to get little David Vickers the dog back from the nuns, do you really believe she’d be so quick to hand over the jewels to Cain in exchange for her faithful friend? All I can say is, David Vickers the dog is getting a lot more action than David Vickers himself mustered up during his return to Llanview!