After a bit of email tag and scheduling conflicts, I was surprised to get an unexpected call from One Life to Live’s Kassie DePavia (Blair Manning) today, who wanted to touch base with all of us at before heading to the ABC studios to tape her latest scenes for the show.

Without a whole lot of time, I wanted to be sure to chat with Kassie about two of the most burning questions surrounding her current storylines on One Life to Live, involving Blair’s love life and the teenage pregnancy that has rocked the Manning household.

Although I made it clear that most absolutely love her onscreen coupling with Todd Manning (Trevor St. John), I couldn’t help but wonder how Kassie is enjoying this new venture in Blair’s life – and her new onscreen pairing with the sexy detective, John Mc Bain (Michael Easton). “On a professional note,” Kassie started out. “The switch from Blair being with Todd to Blair being with John has made me feel like I’m playing a different character. Todd and Blair have a history, where they tend to act a bit on the childish side. With John and Blair… everything is so mature. It’s been very interesting. I don’t know when the next shoe is going to drop, but I’m enjoying it very much.” Kassie and I then laughed as I couldn’t help but say ‘Who wouldn’t want John McBain as a friend with benefits!’

On a more serious note, the current teenage pregnancy storyline has ruffled a couple of feathers since day one, and everyone has had their own take on how they think they would handle such a dilemma should something like this come into their lives. We witnessed the amazing job that Blair has done by being the supportive mother to Starr (Kristen Alderson) but wanted Kassie’s take when it comes to the seriousness of the very real issue out there today. “I think that parents are more open than teenagers realize,” Kassie said, being a parent herself. “When you’re a teenager the last thing you want to do is disappoint your parents. I feel really sad for all of the teenagers who feel so alone. When they don’t have that support they might make the wrong choice. I’m all about pro-choice, but it just makes me very sad to think that so many teenagers are afraid to seek that support from a family member or any adult in general. enjoyed chatting again with Kassie very much! If you missed our last interview with Kassie you can catch up on that here! Also, be sure to read what Kassie told about her part in Divas of Daytime!

– Amy Mistretta