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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” from October 13-17!

This week on One Life to Live was not only filled with surprises, it had a bit of comedic edge to it as well. Before we get on with the show, so to speak, for those who haven’t been able to see David Fumero (Cristian Vega) in his new film, I received an advanced DVD from the director and have written a review in the News Room, as well as included a video clip with a sneak peek of the film! By watching the clip, you’ll recognize David’s long hair and will now know why he was wearing it so long on the soap a while ago!

Viki returns home and Jared finds a new one!

“If we’re down here forever,” Natalie says to Jared. “I’m okay now because you’re here with me…” Forget the fact that they’ll probably starve to death, but at least they’ll be together! While I hope Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson) had a great time on her annual vacation, I am so glad mama bear is home to see what’s going on under her own roof! Here’s a thought… Could you imagine if Niki Smith irrupted just as Viki realized that Jess was Tess! Oh, my, the mess Llanview would be in then! It was nice to see Cain back on the scene. Though he didn’t make off with the jewels, he took the next best thing to make Tina realize he was serious – poor David Vickers The Dog! Wonder if Tina will pay more than five bucks to get him back this time?

Janet A.K.A. Lee Halpern, Lee Sanders and Carol Dennison…

“I’ve left all that behind. I have a new life,” Janet pleaded with John McBain, to which John replied, “You can tell me what’s going on in that house, or you can watch me make your life a living hell…” Well, well, well, what do we have here – a past character many of us didn’t even recognize! And who better to live with than a man who has done his fair share of hiding his past himself – Todd! Janet Zarish (Janet) actually played on the show, off and on, back in 1987 through 1988 under her aliases as a friend of Renee’s, a lover of Max’s and an enemy of Tina’s! All I can say is, I’d hate to have Janet’s secrets with John on my tail. Wait – strike that, Hmmm… seeing that Johnny McBain is my favorite character, I guess I’d lie for a while too just to keep him on the chase!

Cris finally ‘phones home’…

“Sarah, can you hear me?” Cris asks, to which Sarah replies, “Cris, is that you…” Well, it’s about time the whole country of Colombia got their phone lines back up and running. I’m finding it hard to believe that Cris would stay shacked up, storm or not, in this house with this mysterious damsel in distress when his family and friends are back home worried sick about him! Again, I’ll say it… something just isn’t right about Vanessa.