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Welcome to Amy’s
“One Life in a Week!” (Oct. 6-10)

Out with the old, in with the new! What a week, what a week, what a week! It had its highs, and its lows, but I think we’ll all agree it was a week to remember! Sit back while I give you my take on Llanview this Friday, and don’t forget to give me yours as well! If you agree, cool, if not, I want to hear your thoughts!

Todd and Marty’s first outing – and marriage proposal!

“Let’s get married,” Todd suggested to Marty… Who wouldn’t want a guy to hand you an atlas and let you pick anywhere in the world to escape to? Sounds good to me, and a lot easier to do if you’ve lost your memory! I was on the edge of my seat, again, this week when Marty first viewed the photo of her rapists online but knew it would be too easy for the show to let her find out about Todd like that. Their timeline together is one to go in the history books: From friends, to rapist/victim, to being able to merely tolerate each other, to… husband and wife? Things are heating up in Manning Land, and I’m still intrigued!

John’s torn between the living and the presumed dead!

“Because I was there! I think Marty may still be alive!” John screamed to Michael… Poor John, he just can’t catch a break. Though the show is trying to convince us that John and Marty had this great love, I’m still not buying it – and was never sold on the idea in the first place. I think what we’re seeing is John ‘needing’ to solve this case and rescue someone in a way that he wasn’t able to save Caitlin. If I had my way, John and Natalie would have beat the odds and lived happily ever after, playing pool at Rodi’s! However, I don’t see that ‘reality’ happening, even in the ‘fictional’ town of Llanview, so I guess if I had to pick another partner for John it would be Blair – after all, they are sizzling hot together! On the other hand, I can’t imagine ‘a Todd’ without ‘a Blair’ and so on and so forth… Okay, now that I’ve gone totally off the deep end, on with my thoughts…

Dorian puts out a hit on Ray!

“I want Ray Montez removed from Langston’s life permanently,” Dorian instructed Jackie as she stuffed an envelope of cash in his designer suit… Though I’m not a big fan of Dorian’s scheming ways, I was so happy that she didn’t back down to Clint and give him B.E. back! I bet sometimes we all wish we had friends like Jackie McNaughton in our back pockets! As I told you before, I’m not happy about A Martinez’s (Ray Montez) upcoming exit, but I will be eager to see how it all goes down!