“I’m much needed eye candy in an otherwise sugar-free world.”

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, in this week’s “One Life To Live” flashback Friday Soaps.com takes readers back to July 4, 2007 when Viki found David wearing an ankle monitor and patriotic Speedos while sunbathing at Llanfair. David reflected on waking up in Viki’s bed and wondered if they ‘did it’. Viki laughed at David’s humor and assured him they did no such thing.

David could tell that Viki was tense and gave her a massage. Viki was enraptured by his skill and technique and couldn’t help but scream out, “Oh, David, yes!” Just as David carried on about how sexy Viki was, Clint and Dorian appeared and had to clear their throats to interrupt the goings on.

Though the day started out with a bit of bickering amongst the frenemies everyone admitted their faults and enjoyed the July 4 holiday together. Take a look back on how the holiday panned out through these flashback Friday videos…