Love after Cassie.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday we take readers back to 1992 when Reverend Andrew Carpenter realized the feelings he had for one Llanview woman were unrequited. Andrew was a man who many in town went to with their troubles. He was a friend to most of Llanview’s citizens and to those he wasn’t, Andrew always gave them a fair shake. When a couple was to be married, Andrew was always there to perform the ceremony.

Things looked perfect on the surface of Andrew’s family, but they were anything but. It wasn’t until later years when Andrew and his father Sloan finally came together during his brother’s death, after he died from AIDS. Things didn’t turn out so well for Andrew and Cassie. They couldn’t overcome their differences, and Andrew was forced to watch her fall in love with and into the arms of Kevin Buchanan.

There were a few women who caught Andrew’s eye in later years. A flirtation with Marty Saybrooke never went further than that, and Marty retaliated by spreading rumors that Andrew was gay and involved with a young gay teen named Billy Douglas. After the truth came out, Andrew forgave Marty.

Though Andrew spent some time with Tea Delgado, which only fueled his rivalry with Todd Manning, there was one special woman he fell in love with… but she didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Do you remember who Andrew fell in love with after finally coming to peace with what had happened between him and Cassie? Vote your knowledge in our poll…