“Break up with the fake boyfriend and get with the real thing!”

Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to September 2007 when Talia Sahid started having feelings for Antonio Vega. Talia worked with Antonio, her boss, at the Llanview Police Department and tried to hide her feelings by making up a fake boyfriend named George. Always looking out for Talia, Antonio kept insisting that she introduce him to George.

While working the desk at the PD, a drunk named George was brought in. The named clicked and Talia asked him to do her a favor by pretending to be her boyfriend in exchange for getting him off on the charge. Antonio appeared and laughed when the drunken man ranted about his luck… having the prettiest cop he’s ever met asking him to be her boyfriend! Antonio remained persistent in wanting to meet Talia’s boyfriend.

Talia admitted to Layla Williamson that Antonio was meeting her at Capricorn that night to meet George. Even though Talia denied having feelings for Antonio, Layla realized she had feelings for her boss and advised, “Break up with the fake boyfriend and get with the real thing!” That night, just as Talia was ready to admit to Antonio that George was a fake, someone appeared, and Talia kissed him and introduced him to Antonio as her boyfriend George.

Do you remember who Talia pulled into a kiss then introduced to Antonio as her fake boyfriend George? Vote your knowledge in our poll…