“You need a stripper, don’t you?”

Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to May 8, 2008 when rapping sensation Snoop Dogg cruised into Llanview. It was revealed that Snoop had a part in the soap within a soap “Fraternity Row,” which Bo Buchanan produced. In fact, Snoop credited Bo as the person who got him his first break in the music industry.

The women in town were so excited and couldn’t wait to see Snoop perform at Ultra Violet. His appearance was supposed to be a surprise for Adriana’s bachelorette party. However, right before Snoop took the stage the ladies received another surprise… A drunk Llanview hottie, getting naked on a stripper pole! Even though the night was supposed to be all about Adriana, the stripper demanded of the women, “It’s my birthday, say my name!” When Snoop finally took the stage they ran away screaming and star struck, leaving the stripper to apologize to ‘Mr. Dogg’ for his opening act.

Do you remember who crashed the party and busted a move for the ladies before Snoop even took the stage? Vote your knowledge in our poll…