Here comes the bride…’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to June 2008 when David Vickers shocked many by marrying Addie Cramer – Dorian’s sister. David was known for marrying on a whim and including Addie had four wives throughout his time in and around Llanview.

Tina Lord was David’s first wife, who he married in 1995 while pretending to be the long lost son of Victor Lord. David confessed the truth, and Tina kept his real identity a secret in order to get her hands on Victor’s money as well. When Viki’s alter Jean found out the truth, she forced David to divorce Tina and marry Dorian.

While living with Dorian and Kelly, David and Kelly had an affair. When Dorian found out, she offered to give David three-fourths of her property to leave Kelly alone and divorce her. With Blair’s help, Dorian set a trap to make it look as though David was unfaithful to her. It worked, and David had to walk away from the marriage in 1996 empty-handed.

In 2007, Alex wrangled David into marrying her when everyone thought he was Asa’s long lost son. Of course, David wasn’t and that marriage was annulled.

However, one of Llanview’s funniest marriages was when David married Dorian’s sister Addie. We remember why David did this… do you? Vote your knowledge in our poll…