With Breast Cancer Awareness month soon approaching, Soaps.com sat down with One Life to Live actress Andrea Evans (Tina Lord) to talk about a cause that is very close to her heart.

Some of you may remember our recent announcement of Andrea’s partnership with Lather, so we were very excited to chat with the actress about her new “Soap For Hope” project to benefit breast cancer research and wondered how she came to take part in the collaboration. “I’ve been a fan of the company for a very long time. When they found out I was a fan, my favorite being their olive oil soap,” Andrea told Soaps.com, “and heard about what I wanted to do for breast cancer research, being a soap star, it just seemed like the perfect fit to create a soapy partnership. Everything was mutual, I helped develop the soap, everything from the scent to the packaging… It’s been a wonderful experience.”

Knowing what fun that must has been, Andrea told us a little bit more about what was involved in creating her Sandalwood Rose soap… “It’s a natural product, with no animal testing, as “Lather” is more of a “Green” company, it contains no dyes. Basically it’s a soap for those with sensitive skin. It has a rose petal scent and actually contains real rose petals. We look at it as a more modern rose scent.”

Not only is Andrea doing her part with “Lather” to help breast cancer research, she is an eight year ambassador for City of Hope’s Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer and personally takes part in as many “Walk For Hope” events as possible. This year, Andrea will participate in the Chicago and Los Angeles events (see details below) and told us a little bit about her passion for the cause. “My mother is an eighteen year breast cancer survivor, so through my mom I learned awareness and how to fight the disease. I used to go to all of the walks and was approached by “City of Hope,” who were so touched to see that I actually got out there and walked with them. I’ve seen stars go to events, get out of their limos and urge the people to walk – just to get back in after the event has started and go home. If my fans are going to come out to support me, and breast cancer, I’m going to walk right alongside them!” Andrea also wanted to send a very special thanks to all of her fans… “I want all my fans to know that over the years you’ve helped to raise over twenty-five million dollars by coming out for these walks. For that, I thank you!”

As our interview came to a close, and being a woman myself, I was curious to know what single, most important piece of advice Andrea had for women everywhere, regarding breast cancer, to which she adamantly stated, “Take every precaution to prevent the disease. Take control of your own health through self-exams, get your yearly mammogram – do everything you need to do to keep yourself safe.”

For those who are interested in walking alongside Andrea at this year’s “Walk For Hope” events in Chicago on October 5, 2008 and in Los Angeles on November 9, 2008, please visit Walk4Hope today!

Soaps.com wants to wish Andrea all the best in her fight for a cure! Be sure to catch up with Andrea about Llanview in our other interview with the actress here!

– Amy Mistretta