For longtime fans, and new viewers alike, is happy to bring you our interview with one of Daytime’s veteran actresses, Andrea Evans (Tina Lord)! As you already know, Andrea just recently returned to One Life to Live on June 11, 2008, and has been with the show off and on since 1978! Sit back and enjoy while Andrea talks about her return to the show and even answers a couple of readers’ questions! Can you give a glimpse into how you felt knowing Passions was coming to an end?

Andrea: “It was very bitter sweet for me, and sad, to have the show go down. It was heartbreaking, and hard to let go of, but a wonderful experience. It was just very sad.” Did you feel there was more of the storylines to be told?

Andrea: “There’s always more stories to be told.” Had a One Life to Live return been in the works for a while?

Andrea: “Yes, for some time. Frank Valentini is a dear friend of mine. We had been talking about a return for a while, but with the Passions renewal we wanted to honor my commitment with Passions first.” Returning to the show, did you fall back into your role immediately, or did you find it to be an adjustment, maybe because things had changed so much since your departure?

Andrea: “That was my only concern, but it fit like an old glove.” We recently talked to Vanessa, the owner of your little onscreen love, David Vickers the Dog, and she commented how great you are with her pup. Knowing you have a dog of your own, did that make it easier to ‘connect’ with Tallulah for your scenes?

Andrea: “You know, I’m a huge dog lover. If there had been room for another career choice, I would be a vet. Tallulah is very special to me. She’s so sweet, just brightens my day. I love little Tallulah.”
Being that so many of the vets who you worked with are still with the show, was your return like a family reunion of sorts?

Andrea: “It was absolutely wonderful seeing old friends. The crew at One Life to Live are like my oldest friends. It was just like a family reunion.” What was it like reconnecting and working with John Loprieno (Cord) again? Have you stayed in touch over the years?

Andrea: “We had seen each other a couple of times, and played in “Love Letters” together. We instantly connected again.”

Before wrapping up our phone call, Andrea was nice enough to take some time out for her fans and answer a few of their burning questions…

dcorn asks: Other than acting, what are some of your other passions in life?

Andrea: “Animals.”

HugeMargaretCochranF asks: Who would you like to work with, that you haven’t gotten to work with yet?

Andrea: “Tuc Watkins [David Vickers].”

youngesoapwatcher asks: Did you watch the finale of Passions? If so, what did you think of it?

Andrea: “No, I haven’t watched it yet. It made me too sad. Although I haven’t looked at it yet, I did TiVo it.”

With the upcoming breast cancer awareness month right around the corner, you won’t want to miss a cause that Andrea holds dear to her heart – and everything she does to help public awareness! Be sure to read what the actress had to tell about this cause here!

– Amy Mistretta