Hidden secrets from Greg’s past.

Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to the fall of 2010 when it was revealed that Dr. Greg Evans had helped Eli Clarke make Tea believe she was dying. Greg broke Tea’s heart, and her family’s, when he told them that Tea was dying from a brain tumor. With Greg’s help, Tea asked her family to respect her wishes and went off to die alone in an undisclosed hospital.

Greg kept Tea drugged up and privately apologized to her for what he’d done. It was revealed to viewers that Greg was being blackmailed by Eli Clarke, who knew certain secrets from Greg’s past. Greg was desperate to keep one secret hidden, even though in a perfect world he’d hoped to keep them all from coming to light.

In the end, Eli realized that Greg couldn’t go through with their plot to keep Tea from her family and administered a near-lethal dosage of morphine. Tea was found to be alive, Greg’s secrets were revealed and the doctor ended up in a jail cell at Statesville Prison for his crimes.

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