Humiliated…’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to March 6, 2009 when Matthew and Cole found it unbearable to stay at a Llanview High School dance. Cole was dealing with a lot of issues surrounding Starr, and Matthew was trying to fit in with the in-crowd.

Destiny had a thing for her good friend Matthew, but he had his eye on the popular girl Becca. Becca tried to get Matthew to drink some punch, even though Destiny warned that it had been spiked by Justin. Matthew ignored Destiny and took to the dance floor with Becca. As the young couple kissed, Justin witnessed it and requested a song from Matthew to Becca. Matthew was embarrassed, as his classmates began picking on him. Becca started in on Matthew too and admitted she only pretended to like him for one reason. Matthew stormed off, humiliated.

Meanwhile, Cole found Starr kissing their teacher, Schuyler Joplin, out in the hallway. He flipped on them both and grabbed Schuyler by the throat. Starr tried reasoning with Cole, but he wouldn’t listen and told the principal that Mr. J. kissed Starr, even though Starr had kissed him.

Later, outside the school, Cole popped a pill and started his car. Matthew jumped in and told Cole to get him away from there. Cole raced off, his eyes started to drop and the two were in an accident that caused Matthew’s paralysis.

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