Britney Jennings.

Named after the character Portia from Shakespeare’s “The Merchant Of Venice,” Portia Reiners took on her first acting role at the age of seven as Oliver Twist in “Oliver” and continued performing in theater until the age of ten when she signed on with the Abrams Artists Agency. Her first television gig was in 2000 when she landed the role of Lily Benton Montgomery on ABC’s “All My Children,” which she continued through 2006. From there she jumped networks and played on CBS’ “As The World Turns” as Ada Dunne in 2006 before heading back to ABC and landing the role of mean girl Britney Jennings on “One Life To Live.”

Portia’s Llanview run lasted a year and her character made life a living hell for fellow residents Starr Manning (Kristen Alderson) and Cole Thornhart (Brandon Buddy). Britney had a crush on Cole and did her best to destroy his budding relationship with Starr. She was a major player in the storyline surrounding Cole’s steroid abuse but wasn’t able to break the bond between Starr and Cole. She became bored with life in Llanview and went off to boarding school during their senior year of high school.

So, where is Portia Reiners now? In 2009 Portia played April in the made for television movie “Loving Leah” and appeared as Jill Sorenson that same year on “Law & Order.” Her last noted gig was in 2010 as Mel in the movie “Twelve Thirty.” The actress is also fluent at Russian, British, and Polish accents.

Relive a moment when Starr had enough of Britney’s antics and gave her a good slap to prove it!