Fighting to keep Tommy…’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to November 2007 when Marcie McBain took adopted son Tommy across state lines in order to prevent his return to his biological father Todd Manning. She was desperate to keep Tommy and left Michael behind in search of help to elude authorities.

Marcie arrived on someone’s doorstep and begged them to help get her out of Llanview with Tommy. They agreed, gave her money and arranged for Marcie to meet up with one of their friends in Georgia. Marcie managed to escape Todd and FBI agent Lee Ramsey and made her way out of town under the alias of Penny Shaw.

Though Marcie made a few more stops after leaving Georgia, with John McBain and Todd almost catching her along the way, her final destination landed her at the Bon Jour Café in Paris, Texas. Gigi Morasco, then a waitress at the café, befriended Marcie. Even after Gigi found out why Marcie was on the run, she agreed to keep her secret. Marcie was stunned to see Viki Davidson working at the café, during a time when Viki was trying to come to terms with her life, and managed to stay out of sight. David Vickers arrived in Texas and spotted Marcie. He wanted to cash in on the million dollar reward Todd was offering but ultimately agreed to keep Marcie’s secret as well. Desperate for cash, Marcie gave Gigi her wedding ring from Michael and then Gigi sold it to Rex Balsom. Rex returned to Llanview and proposed to Adriana with the ring, but when Michael saw it, the ring led him to Texas.

Viki finally spotted Marcie and tried to talk some sense into her. Marcie held Viki hostage, but Michael took Viki’s place and convinced Marcie to end the madness. The cops barged in, arrested Marcie and brought her back to Llanview where she was sentenced to community service and was forced to say goodbye to Tommy for good.

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