Getting a reaction…’s Throwback Thursday takes readers back to October 30, 2006. Everyone thought John McBain had died in a fiery car crash and that Hugh Hughes survived but severely burned. No one had any idea that the person lying bandaged up in a Llanview Hospital bed had in fact been John McBain.

Evangeline Williamson had been visiting ‘Hugh’ when a certain someone arrived wanting to see their old friend. She had warned that ‘Hugh’ had been acting strangely and refused to let this person in his room. When he wouldn’t leave, she gave him access but neither of them could understand what ‘Hugh’ way trying to say through mumbled words.

Though ‘Hugh’ was given a sedative, he listened as this person sat by his bedside, alone, admitting how he had screwed up his life, a recent relationship and the life of someone else in Llanview, not to mention he’d kissed Natalie. ‘Hugh’ reacted by tightly grabbing his visitor’s hand. If only this person knew John had been the one listening to his confession, he would have thought twice about kissing and telling in regards to Natalie.

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