Two births, but only one baby survives…

In this week’s “One Life To Live” flashback Friday takes readers back to November 6, 2008 during one of the most memorable baby switch storylines of later years. Jessica Brennan and her cousin Starr Manning were both pregnant. With Nash, who was deceased, as the father of Jessica’s baby, and Cole the father of Starr’s, Todd Manning was having a hard time dealing with Starr’s decision to give her baby up for adoption to Michael and Marcie McBain. Todd blackmailed Dr. Joplin into pretending Starr’s baby was dead in order for him and Marty, who he held captive, to runaway and raise their grandchild together.

On the other side of Llanview, Jessica’s alter Tess had locked Jared Banks and her sister Natalie in a hidden room with plans to blow them up. During the stress of Tess’ scheme, she went into early labor and envisioned Niki Smith, who helped deliver the baby. Jessica’s baby, Chloe, was born dead, and not able to deal with it, a new alter emerged, Bess, who switched the baby with Starr’s alive one, Hope. It wasn’t until months later when the switch was revealed and Jessica was forced to turn Hope over to Starr and Cole and grieve her deceased child, who had already been buried.

Revisit how Niki Smith helped Tess give birth, how Starr gave birth to Hope and how Jessica’s alter, Bess, switched her dead baby with Starr’s alive one… This all happened before Dr. Joplin could fake Starr’s baby’s death in order for Todd and Marty to runaway with their very much alive grandchild.

Niki helps Tess give birth to Chloe: