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“One Life in a Week!”

Oh, the mystery in Llanview on One Life to Live has kept us on our toes this week! We watched as Gigi and Rex’s love grew to a new level while fighting to get back to a life that seemed so close – yet years away! I was happy to see that Gigi’s longtime secret was the one and only thing that enabled the couple to return from a zany trip back in time back to the present! Although they appear to be on the same page now, where Shane is concerned, Brody isn’t willing to give up Shane, which should make for a real custody pull – given the planted DNA on the toothbrush!

I got a real kick out of Bo’s return home! All the comical talk about ‘this dream’ that he had, and how he stared at Jared, Nigel and Dallas in awe, reminded me of the ending to the Wizard of Oz! It was nice seeing Robert S. Woods interact onscreen with his real life wife Loyita Chapel (Dallas) – and did anyone wonder who the cute ‘young Bo’ was during the last scene in 1968 when Professor Fina handed him Rex’s fallen nametag reading, Bo Buchanan? The actor was none other than Tanner Woods – Robert and Loyita’s real life son! On another note, like I said last week, I love this new Nora/Dallas rivalry!

I was both touched and saddened when Bo paid Lindsay a visit in Statesville. I’m happy that Bo has found peace in his life, but I sure will miss Lindsay causing havoc in Llanview. However, this is soapland, so maybe she’ll get another pardon and come back home soon! And with Bo back as Commissioner, anything’s possible!

On to Clint and his revenge against Dorian… I find that Clint using Jared to do his dirty work makes Clint just as bad as Jared in some ways. However, Clint knew that Natalie would be so against it – and knows that Jared will do whatever it takes to make amends – so could this be Clint’s way of causing friction between them – maybe breaking them up for good? Again, brilliant? Hmmm… maybe! I just don’t want to see Langston be the one hurt as a result of this mess.