Updated on October 6, 2008:

Just when we thought we’d seen the last of Reverend Andrew Carpenter, Robert (Wortham) Krimmer is about to bring him back to Llanview! The show has yet to release an air date, or to say if his return with be long term, so stay tuned as we’ll keep you posted with details as they come! Soaps.com wants to welcome Robert back to the show! Maybe he’ll be able to get Todd (Trevor St. John) in for a confessional before he takes his plan with Marty – and Starr’s baby – further into disaster!

Previously reported on August 26, 2008:

Who could forget One Life to Live’s Reverend Andrew Carpenter and all of the drama he endured through his many years on the show. However, when recurring status doesn’t seem so recurring anymore, what’s an actor to do?

Andrew’s fifteen-year portrayer, Robert Krimmer, has spent that last six years setting goals and tackling a new career. The fifty-four year old once soap star is now in fact a lawyer with the firm Arnold, Bleuel, LaRochelle Mathews & Zirbel in Oxnard, California where he specializes in business and real estate transactions, land use issues, environmental compliance and public agency representation!

Although his long-term contract with One Life to Live officially ended in 1999, we only saw Robert’s character when someone in Llanview needed to be put to rest, if you will, or sent down the altar toward a life of married bliss – or in soapland not-so married bliss! However, soon we were seeing other actors taking over the role of the local reverend, leaving us all to wonder… “What happened to Andrew?” After hiring a life coach and attending the Ventura College of Law, Robert graduated valedictorian of his class in December and has been on a new career path ever since!

Soaps.com wants to wish Robert the very best! Although we miss you on the show, we are so happy for all that you have accomplished!