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“One Life in a Week”!

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m glad you all stopped by for my weekly One Life to Live column, so let’s all get into analyzing mode and see what the show had in store for us this past week!

Since I put my tail between my legs last week and admitted that I am now totally intrigued by the 1968 storyline, one I wasn’t too fond of in the beginning, I can tell you that I loved seeing Gigi finally make her way back to 1968 – and got a real kick out of her reaction to all the familiar faces who really weren’t familiar to her at all – especially when she thought Spencer was Shane and he reciprocated her hug with a kick! Now I just can’t wait for Rex and Gigi to make it back to 2008 and face all of the drama that is waiting for them there!

It was so nice to see Asa again, and my heart ached for Bo as he confessed his true feelings to his father surrounding how he’s felt all of his life. However, even though Asa may have taken the ‘shady road’ a time or two – or three or four – I know the man loved his family more than the billions of dollars he possessed and now I think Bo does too. I thought that fact alone was a great way for the show to wrap up Asa’s ghostly appearances! I still miss you dearly, Phil Carey!

We’ve all watched while Todd has lied to Marty about her past, and I was so excited to see that Marty was having dreams about not only John McBain, a man who Todd has instilled numerous lies into her head about, but of images from the actual rape! I’m hoping this means that Marty will be getting her memory back soon – little by little – and pray that Todd doesn’t try to deter this from happening through some special mind-altering concoction. Thank goodness Lindsay isn’t around to give him any tips, as well as RJ being in Llanview to sell Todd the fix!

John and Blair… I’m not sure how to take this relationship. What started off as just being a one-night fling, which I’m not complaining about at all because they are HOT together, appears to be heading down relationship alley? Here’s my prediction… Even though John has Marty on the mind, I think Blair and John’s feelings will evolve into something more, and just when they are borderline ‘in love’ Marty will resurface – and so will John’s feelings for Marty! Okay, so maybe that’s being too predictable but stranger things have happened!