Tess plans for her secret room! (Soaps.com)

Welcome back for another edition of Amy’s “One Life in a Week!”

It’s been an exciting week in Llanview and with a lot of the characters starting out in the past this week – literally – it was nice having some ‘past’ come back to Llanview! I loved seeing Cord return and watched with emotion as Tina hashed out their love of a lifetime, only for Cord to decide that they had their one, two, three, etc., chance – without another in sight! I, personally, would welcome a Cord and Tina reunion!

Remember that old phrase ‘You don’t know what you got till it’s gone’? Seeing Rex and Gigi finally realize just how much they love and need each other has made the fight to reunite that much better! Okay, I have fully climbed aboard the 1968 bandwagon, am enjoying the way the storyline is playing out (maybe because I now have everyone’s past names in check) and can’t wait to see how it all turns out – especially with Rex stuck in 1968 and Gigi on the hunt to find him! I also thought that Adriana sending Gigi Rex’s DNA was her way of letting Rex go – and I commend her for that. However, I don’t see what difference it’s going to make if Brody gets rid of Rex’s toothbrush or not. In the end, all Gigi has to do is tell Rex the truth, who will submit to a DNA test if that’s what he wants…

I’ve always been a fan of Bo and Nora as a couple and haven’t really warmed up to her being with Clint. However, now that Dallas is back in town, I must say seeing Nora’s claws come out is rather enjoyable to watch – especially since Lindsay isn’t there to keep her feisty side peaked!

Two weeks ago I talked about the possibility that Todd is falling for Marty. Could it be that the feelings are mutual? Is Marty falling for Todd as well? While I was a little taken back by Todd’s motives and lack of information he’s given Marty about her past, I know when the truth eventually comes out it’ll make for a more complex storyline. Aren’t they always when feelings are involved? I say, “Game on!”

Just when I thought Blair and John had put a halt to their ‘extra curricular’ activities, the sexual tension just keeps getting more evident every time they’re around each other! Loving it!

Starr and Cole are literally breaking my heart. However, the veracity of teenage pregnancy is very real in this day and age and I think it’s so important for everyone to see all of the emotion that surrounds the issue. I’ll be eagerly watching this young couple to see how their feelings start to change once Starr is further along in the pregnancy.

At first, when Todd handed Starr that voodoo doll of Cole, I was like, “Did he really think that would help win back her trust?” However, seeing the sincerity in his attempt to break though to Starr and try to get her to change her decision about keeping the baby, I think maybe there is still hope that this father and daughter can overcome the darkness in their relationship.