“Please, Miss, I have nowhere else to go.”

In Soaps.com’s “One Life To Live” flashback we head back to 1995, when Marty Saybrooke and Patrick Thornhart’s love affair first began. After Todd Manning and Marty called a truce, he had encouraged her to go to Ireland to confront her Aunt Kiki for robbing her trust fund. Marty did just that, cut ties with Kiki then visited the Wild Swan Inn, where she’d unknowingly met the love of her life.

On October 15, 1995, running from a terrorist group, “The Men of 21,” Patrick stormed into the Inn and kissed Marty in an attempt to disguise himself in the crowd. He later snuck into her room and begged Marty to continue hiding him from the men. She demanded for him to leave but ultimately helped Patrick, who pleaded, “Don’t give me up.”

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When they came face to face again, Patrick deemed Marty his Angel and little by little he let her in, shared his story and the two fell in love. Over the years they faced many trials and tribulations. Marty faked Patrick’s death in order to save him then returned to Llanview years later with their son, Cole, thinking Patrick had died for real. It wasn’t until June 2011 when Marty boarded a plane and was reunited with Patrick, who’d been very much alive.

Relive how they first met, grew close and finally made love for the first time through these “One Life to Live” flashback videos…

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– Amy Mistretta