With David Fumero’s (Cristian Vega) upcoming film Greetings From The Shore set to be released this September many have wondered if the sexy actor would be leaving daytime behind to pursue other film options. However, Soaps.com is happy to report that David has just renewed his contract with One Life to Live!

Although we don’t know the details of this new contract, we can tell you that there are no plans for David to be going anywhere anytime soon! Having been with the show since 1998, David has managed to juggle his daytime career with his other projects, including a 2008 appearance on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Manhattanites, as well as 2005’s Carrie’s Choice and most recently the completion of his film Greetings From The Shore.

In other Fumero family news, David’s wife Melissa Fumero (Adriana) will be coming back to the show for a few episodes this fall. You can read all about what Melissa told Soaps.com in regards to her return here!

Soaps.com wants to congratulate David on his new contract! We can’t tell you how happy we are that we’ll continue to see your character in Llanview!