“Geraldo Rivera!”

Soaps.com has opened our Llanview memory vault back to Monday June 15, 2009. Langston had been so excited to throw boyfriend Markko Rivera a high school graduation party at the mansion. Though Dorian wasn’t known for having self-control, Langston never imagined that the party would turn out to be such a disaster.

Markko’s parents revealed Markko’s real name, Geraldo Rivera. Dorian had a hard time controlling her laughter, snide remarks and liquor consumption. Ray Montez, Langston’s uncle, had recently left Dorian, and when the Riveras brought up how happy they were that Ray had allowed Langston to stay in Llanview, Dorian went over the edge and into the nearest champagne bottle. Langston saw the warning signs and begged Dorian to keep her mouth shut, but she went off on a drunken tangent and aired out all kinds of dirty laundry. It had been so bad that the Riveras refused to allow Markko to see Langston or Dorian ever again. In the end, Langston pushed Dorian in the pool and left her alone to wallow in misery.

Do you remember this moment in Llanview history? In our poll below, Soaps.com has listed a few things that Dorian said that day to make Langston and the Riveras furious. There’s only one option in there that wasn’t said. Can you pick out which one it was?