Patrick J. Gibbons (Patrick J. Gibbons)

Saying goodbye.

Today, Friday January 13, marks the finale for “One Life To Live,” a soap opera that has been around since 1968. Llanview actors, both past and present, took to their Twitter and Facebook accounts to voice their thoughts on the show’s final week…

Let’s join together to share memories, celebrate the finale and make the best of the moment. Check back often throughout the day, as we’ll be updating below with more actor reactions.

Ron Carlivati: (head writer) tweeted, “To all “OLTL” fans: I am both celebrating and grieving with you today. This is a hard day for all of us but I really hope you enjoy the show!”

Michael Easton: (John) posted on Facebook, “Until we meet again… It was an absolute pleasure to share the past eight years with the cast, crew and fans of “One Life To Live.” With the last episode upon us, I wanted to thank all of you for the kindness and support you showed me and my family. Until we meet again, I will drink with you in my dreams…”

Melissa Archer: (Natalie) tweeted, “So sad today is last episode… doesn’t seem right.”

Kelley Missal: (Dani) tweeted, “Today’s [Thursday’s] episode of “OLTL” gave me chills! Viki [Erika Slezak] couldn’t have put it better about “Fraternity Row” aka “OLTL.” I am so grateful for this show and for the fans! Tomorrow’s gonna be super sad, but also a celebration of TV history.”

Kristen Alderson: (Starr) tweeted, “@britt_underwood [ex-Langston] came over to watch “OLTL.” What a great episode! I love and miss my “OLTL” family so much! It was more than where I worked, it was home…with an amazing family. Thank you Llanview and fans.”

Eddie Alderson: (Matthew) tweeted, “Wow… today’s [Thursday’s] episode was one of the best ever. So blessed to have been on it for 11 years.”

Hillary B. Smith: (Nora) tweeted, “It is the last day of “OLTL” and I am filled with love for all you beautiful fans. Have a wonderful day! Start with “The View” and watch our last episode. There are some lovely moments that are real and true of the actors and the characters. I have decided that there are friends and there are fans and then there are frans. I like to think of you all as my frans.”