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Welcome back for another Friday installment of Amy’s “One Life in a Week!” Although I found this week to be a huge carryover from last, we were treated to a few surprises, departures and… extra clothes in Blair’s shopping bag!

At first when Blair and Jack ran into Todd at the coffeehouse the tension was thick but I actually felt the two coming together after Todd admitted that what’s going on with his family is killing him. However, in total Todd fashion, just when it appeared that Blair was softening up, he said Blair – not Jack – was the one worried she’d be late for a sleepover, and it totally pulled Blair back into ‘scorned ex’ mode and had her snatching away her bags, and son, and taking off! Later, seeing that nightgown that Todd bought for Marty in her bag was classic – and totally not Blair’s wardrobe style, even though she did try it on for Todd’s bodyguard!

The tearjerker of the week definitely goes out to the scene surrounding Cole and Starr. Not only did Cole put everything he loves aside for the sake of his child, his portrayer, Brandon Buddy, did a remarkable job and filled the scene with so much emotion that I was crying through writing the recap myself!

I was sad to see Viki head off to find herself again, but in the same sense, and from past returns to Llanview, her departure left me wondering what she’ll bring back with her this time! I loved the look on her face when she was reunited with Tina again! I’m totally routing for a Charlie/Viki reunion and am very happy to see Jared and his father start to overcome the past with hopes of a future relationship.

While I did hurt for Antonio and Talia during their painful goodbye, knowing the character of Antonio like we do, I have no doubt in my mind that he will return for Talia – if she doesn’t find her way back to him, and Llanview, first! Question is will she take out Carlo or leave the pleasure to Antonio – or Cris, who definitely owes the man some payback! Since I receive show spoilers way in advance, seeing Sarah alive was no surprise to me, but I was so happy for Cris – who hasn’t had the best of luck in the women department. Lord knows why, the man is hot and a charmer to boot!

Even though John knows Bo is the best man for the job, I love the idea of John as acting commissioner!