“I flipped a coin.”

In Soaps.com’s very first “One Life To Live” flashback Friday we take a look at what went down in Llanview on this very date in 2011 of last year. The episode started out with Brody thanking John for not only helping Marty but for preventing the kidnapping of who he believed his son to be, Liam. Gigi was forced to cover in front of Brody when Rex wondered if he deserved to know the truth regarding Natalie’s son.

During this time, Cutter and Aubrey were pretending to be brother and sister while trying to scam Joey. Though Kelly was trying to get along with Aubrey, for Joey’s sake, Ford admitted that he couldn’t be sure if Aubrey and Cutter were really brother and sister.

Vimal admitted to Rama that he flipped a coin, made a DNA switch for Clint and was resigning from Buchanan Enterprises. It took a slap from his wife to break Vimal out of the panic that had overcome him.

The truth surrounding Inez’s attempt to break Nora and Bo up, by claiming to have an affair with Bo at Clint’s insistence, also came to light. John feared what Bo would do to his brother and rightly so… Bo took aim at Clint, literally, in the Buchanan stables while Nora and John stood by trying to talk him down.

Relive the moment through this “One Life To Live” flashback video and revisit the One Life To Live Daily Recap: What’re You Going To Do, Shoot Me for in-depth details from Thursday January 20, 2011.