Mitch's reign of terror continued. (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for January 2 – 6:

The days are closing in and we only have one more week in Llanview. This week, though another short one, was like twenty Friday cliffhangers in each episode. Many returned and brought out the fear in a few residents. The prison break storyline was a brilliant, combustible, edge-of-your-seat way to execute such fear and bring back characters we loved to hate. Let’s take a look…

“I missed you, Nora.”
Troy has always been able to lay the creepiness on thick and leave it to Nora to try to calm the man with wine and empty promises. poster “Lucetta” made a good point, “Yeah, Troy is loony, wearing his prison uniform and telling Nora he is off for good behavior.” Troy was once a likeable character who turned into quite the villain, just another example of how the good go bad in Llanview. Nora had guts to try to reason with him by admitting her love for Bo would never die. Bo rushing in to save Nora with Lindsay’s help, of all people, was a testament to how a frenemy will surprise you when you least expect it. Though we don’t know if Troy will pull through and save Bo, we can pretty much bet Lindsay isn’t as rehabilitated as she seems. She’s probably bypassed Cherryvale by now… On the other hand, maybe they knew Lindsay would flee all along.

Allison’s secret.
Allison has been carrying around this secret about Natalie and Jessica for years. To tease us with it again was downright annoying. “LeaveNatalone” questioned, “What is Allison talking about? Are they trying to bring that storyline up again? Is it just me but does someone remember a few years back when Allison was hinting to Jessica and Natalie about some secret about them?” You’re right. Back in 2008 Allison returned, throwing her big secret in everyone’s face, until she landed in a coma. Why should we believe she’s telling the truth now? Let’s see… Are Jessica and Natalie both Clint’s? Are they Mitch’s? Are they Viki’s? Are they Allison’s? Or is Allison still as full of crap as she ever was. We may never know…