On July 31, 2008, Kathy Brier (Marcie McBain) stopped by our Soaps.com One Life to Live News Room to talk about her current storyline surrounding Starr’s pregnancy and the events prior involving Sam Manning.

Before we ended our interview, Kathy saved some time to answer the questions from some of our Soaps.com readers! Without making them wait any longer for Kathy’s answers, here’s what she had to say!

daddyslittleprincess asks: In real life do you have any characteristics that “Marcie” has?

Kathy: “I’m a loyal friend like Marcie.”

HugeMargaretCochranF asks: What was your favorite storyline that you ever did?

Kathy: “I’ve been blessed to have a couple, but my favorite was the addiction storyline with Michael [Al]. Marcie was such an innocent back then. I actually miss her clumsiness!”

dcorn asks a few questions:

How did you get into acting?

Kathy: “I started out as a dancer, but I was told by a teacher that I was too short, so I stopped dancing, which I regret now. I used to always sing and dance around the house, so my mom signed me up for a singing lesson. In high school, I was approached to do the high school musical. That was my first taste then I got the bug…”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Kathy: “Not that I want to leave One Life to Live, but I’d like to be in a sitcom.”

Would you leave acting to sing full time?

Kathy: “Yes, I could become a rock star! [Kathy laughs!] Sure, why not! But when you’re onstage, it is acting – like a mini scene – and is just as important as a script. It’s all the same. You’re just using your voice as an instrument.”

Muffy Puffy asks: Will you be singing on the show again any time soon?

Kathy: “I’m not planned to, but if you’d like to see more of Marcie singing you can write into the show and suggest it.”

For those who would like to see Kathy sing more on the show, feel free to write in to The Powers That Be at:

One Life To Live
56 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

Or send them an email here!

I want to thank you all for posting your questions! If you missed my first interview with Kathy, you can catch up on that here!

Amy Mistretta
OLTL Writer