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Well, we’ve made it through another week in Llanview – even with a big chuck of the characters in Texas, disguised as other people, in 1968 no less! I want to thank all of my One Life to Live posters for giving their daily thoughts on our message boards and under the recaps each day, and I thought it was time that I gave you my thoughts for some of the past week’s drama in the form of Amy’s “One Life in a Week!”

As my recap title stated for Monday’s show, “Can You Say… Hot!” I have to admit, I’ve been hoping for a very long time for a John and Blair hook-up! Not as the show’s newest couple, but just simply a hook-up! Both characters have always been hot between the sheets with their flavor of the moment, but I must say… Although the show gave us a teaser of how hot they could be, through that first kiss in the rain, they never gave us a full peek into their love scene, which I feel was a big let down. In the end, I’m still hoping that Blair and John will remember the old saying ‘Friends with Benefits’ and play ‘that card’ once in a while! However, the whole scene wasn’t a bust – Todd did get to find out that Blair and John spent the night together!

Speaking of Todd… Oh, Todd, what the heck are you doing? Dare I say… I think what started out as a way to hold some leverage over Cole, by using Marty as his major pawn, is now evolving into… not only a cleansing of the soul, if you will, by using round about confessions to ease his guilt, but love? Is Todd falling in love with the one woman who he hated the most? One thing’s for sure, Todd is weaving himself into one heck of a web, not only filled with lies, but intertwined with his emotions as well – something Todd has always held deep inside of him! I’m enjoying watching this rather unconventional storyline and can’t wait to see how it plays out! No matter what’s going on with these two adults, I personally want their children, Starr and Cole, to raise their baby together. They have enough family support to do this – even at such a young age.