Recently I talked to One Life to Live actress, Kathy Brier (Marcie) in regards to her Divas of Daytime event. Before wrapping up my interview, I asked Kathy a few questions surrounding her character Marcie and how it’s been to be involved in such a front burner storyline…

Amy: What’s it been like being part of such an emotional storyline surrounding the whole Tommy/Sam drama?

Kathy: “It’s a gift of a storyline that Ron gave me – one of the best storylines I’ll ever get throughout my career. What made it difficult, which also made it challenging, which I welcome, was the way we filmed it. Sometimes it was three shows in one day, twelve or fourteen hours of drama. At the end of the day you were exhausted, which was a good thing. You felt like you were on role.”

Amy: We’ve really admired how your character has stood up to Todd Manning. Have you and Trevor ever broke out laughing when going through these scenes?

Kathy: “Of course we do, but never when we are physical – like when I slapped Todd. We have to make it work best as we can, and I took that scene, as I do all my scenes, very seriously.”

Amy: Recently I talked to Jason Tam and he shared his take on how society should handle teenage pregnancy awareness. Is there anything you’d like to say to your young fans about this issue?

Kathy: “Obviously I don’t advocate teenage pregnancy… use protection, wait till you’re ready. What I love about this storyline is as it gets going along, in terms of Blair, she’s there supporting her daughter. It’s told from many perspectives.”

Amy: Although I know you can’t give away any major storyline details, is there anything you can tell us about your upcoming storylines – any little teasers for the fans?

Kathy: “It’s going to be another bumpy ride…”

With that being said, I can’t wait! Stay tuned as next week I’ll be bringing you Kathy’s answers to some of our One Life to Live readers’ questions!

Amy Mistretta
OLTL Writer