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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for December 19 – 23:

The week started off in the depths of Roxy’s mind but progressed into some pretty exciting turning points. It’s still so hard to believe that we are only weeks away from the end, so let’s take a look at what stood out together and savor the remaining moments…

“The greatest show of all-time and I’m the star.”
At this point, we can’t blame anyone at the show for delegating a whole episode to the cancellation of the soap within our soap. This episode was meant to reflect the way we are feeling as fans over “One Life To Live’s” cancellation. The ending with David and Roxy walking away from the darkened “Fraternity Row” studio made what’s ahead even more of a reality. poster “LeaveNatalone” stated of Monday’s episode, “This sounds like a waste of time. You only have about a month left. Tie up storylines stop wasting time!” Unfortunately, all final scenes have been taped and we are left to simply watch them unfold. Back when the cameras shot the last ABC scenes, everyone believed that the show was moving online. There wasn’t a rush to tie up any storyline. Whether we get our specific end wishes or not, in our Jerry verDorn Interview (Clint) he promised, “It’s not really a cliffhanger. It’s open ended and it’s very upbeat and positive. Several huge, years long stories are resolved in the last week. It’s a very, very clever ending. Vote to let me know if you enjoyed watching Roxy In Fraternity Row.

Don’t give up.
Well, it’s about time Rex and Gigi came face to face. Adding Professor Del Fina in the buildup scenes at the Bon Jour Café was a nice touch and having him urge Cutter to do the right thing and being there to try to help Gigi remember was even better. It played on Gigi and Rex’s history together. Rex’s kiss was what brought Gigi’s memories flooding back… The whole scene gave me chills! “bruceyboy” stated, “Well how nice to see the Gigi/Rex thing come to an end … but I gotta tell you, few, if any of the viewers, care at this point whether John and Natalie get together.” Speaking of which…

The big waiting game.
Can someone please lock John and Natalie up in a closet, the evidence room or the backroom at Rodi’s so these two can get their issues out into the open? There’s a lot to be said about overkill, and every scene revolving around John and Natalie is a prime example.