Credit: Jerry verDorn (ABC)

“I think it not only was fun to do, it made all the sense in the world.”

The Loving Llanview event will be held at the Theatre at Westbury in New York on January 21, giving fans a chance to celebrate “One Life to Live’s” 43 years with several of the soap’s cast. recently chatted with one such cast member, Jerry verDorn (Clint), to discuss the event, the “One Life to Live” finale and the future. So, The Loving Llanview event is coming up next month.

Jerry: Yes, we’ve got quite a group of people too. Several of them that usually don’t come out in public. Michael Easton (John) usually doesn’t do a lot of appearances. So, it’s going to be a good time. Have you ever been to that theatre? I have not.

Jerry: Oh, it’s great. A perfect venue for this kind of thing. What are you most looking forward to at the event?

Jerry: Well, seeing the people again. I haven’t seen them since our last tape day. November 18 or so. I’m going to catch up on what they’re doing and what’s going on. It’s going to be fun seeing the fans express what they feel about everything that’s happened and the end of the show on ABC. The way the storyline is going, it’s going to be a very…I think they’ll like it a lot. “All My Children” ended on a pretty big cliffhanger. Will “One Life to Live” end the same way?

Jerry: It’s not really a cliffhanger. It’s open ended and it’s very upbeat and positive. Several huge, years long stories are resolved in the last week. It’s a very, very clever ending. Are you happy with how Clint’s storyline is wrapped up then?

Jerry: Yes. Very much so. I think it not only was fun to do, it made all the sense in the world. If something does happen where we continue somewhere else, it’s very easy to continue. What was it like to tape the last few episodes?

Jerry: It wasn’t much of anything because we thought we were going to go on immediately into another venue, so we didn’t have any idea that it would be the last time we would be together. It still may not be the last time we may be together because Prospect Park has 14 months still of finding something to do with the shows. When Erika [Slezak, Viki] and I had the last scene at ABC, there was like about 350 people out there watching the last scene, which is very unusual. Usually it’s just the cameramen there. A lot of people who wouldn’t go with Prospect Park if it happens were there and they were kind of teary and everything because they had been with the show, some of them since it started on ABC. And of course everyone had cameras, so it was kind of tough for Erika and myself. [laughs]