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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for December 12 – 16:

Paris, Texas continued to bring excitement, as well as a familiar face back to the canvas. Both feelings of ‘enough already’ and ‘oh, what could’ve been’ erupted in my mind, along with other thoughts of irritation and uncertainty that carried on throughout the week. Let’s take a look…

Charlie B. and Viki D.
Seeing Charlie and Viki face to face again, in the place where they met and fell in love, only reminded me of how badly Ron Carlivati ruined his character. These two had something special and overcame many obstacles. In the beginning, Charlie and Viki were equivalent to Ben and Viki. To see them come full circle this way made for such an emotional scene, which delivered so much more than the ‘hide and seek’ goings on between Gigi, Cutter, Rex and Shane at the Bon Jour Café. It’s admirable that Charlie urged Viki to give Clint another shot, but Clint needs to prove that he’s over his stripper fetish. At this point in his life, it shouldn’t be a tough decision. poster “jumps” made a good point, “This whole Clint and his women storyline is utterly stupid. Let’s say he picks Kimmy. Where would they live? Not at Llanfair, I can tell you that. Not at Asa’s, unless he kicks Rex and Shane out and gets a judge to agree to it. Remember, the man is under house-arrest at Llanfair.” Not to mention, Clint shares a huge past with and shares children with Viki, who he’s admitted to falling for all over again. Either crap or get off the pot… We don’t have time for these trivial dilemmas. Hell, if Clint picks Kimmy, maybe there’s an open room at the Minute Man Motel or an empty jail cell they can share.

Christmas in Llanview.
Angels Square, another of my favorite meeting places, was filled with action. Shaun giving up the biggest tree in the lot to Ford in exchange for his and Jessica’s signatures on the “Save Fraternity Row” petition showed exactly what some will give up to save a show they love… even though it was a small price to pay for those two precious signatures. Aubrey gushing over Rex equals snore-fest. Rama rolling up her sleeves and attacking Kim was true soap goodness. Too bad we didn’t get to witness the fight. However, the best holiday scene was the interactions between Jessica and Natalie. These two have overcome so much over the years and to watch their relationship thawing out just a tad was heartwarming.