Credit: Todd and Blair get married. (SOAPnet)

Ring in the New Year with Llanview.

On Sunday January 1, 2012, SOAPnet will air a 14-hour marathon to celebrate some of “One Life To Live’s” most iconic characters and moments. Please take note to the schedule as follows…

10.00 AM – March 6, 1979 episode: Karen takes the stand and admits she was a prostitute.

11.00 AM – March 9, 1987 episode: Tina goes over the falls in Argentina, which leaves Cord taking out his anger on Max.

12.00 PM – May 13, 1988 episode: The Buchanan clan goes back in time to the Old West.

1.00 PM – February 7, 1992 episode: Megan dies in Jake’s arms.

2.00 PM – July 15, 1993 episode: 25th Anniversary show where Luna believes Max is alive, Viki and Dorian are trapped together, and Tina sits by Cord’s hospital bedside.

3.00 PM – November 28, 1994 episode: Viki walks in on Joey and Dorian. David asks Tina to secretly marry him, and Powell holds Todd at gunpoint.